TK4-Once upon a time

TK4 – Mukashi mukashi (Once upon a time)

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This is a wall hanging, so called noren. In Japan noren are dividers made by fabric, traditionally hung between rooms, or on walls or doorways or even in windows. They were used at home and by shops and restaurants to protect from wind and sun. Still today  you can see restaurants using noren with their logotype on it. A noren makes a beautiful wall hanging.

This work by Tateishi was named upon completion. Since it is dyed and sewn free-hand, the pattern is irregular. It felt very humane,  like feeling the history of the people, says Tateishi, so, I gave it the title of Mukashi mukashi (Once upon a time).

Tamaño 90 x 145 cm (width x height).
Material Kibira.
Color Green: Yellow blood salt (ouketsuen)-yellow prussiate of potash-iron color fixing (baisen). Black: wormwood.