WASAKU thanks…

WASAKU wants to thank the enthusiasm, support and energy provided by a number of friends, professionals, and family, without whom it would not have been possible to realize this project. We hope we are not forgetting anyone and apologize if that should be the case. Thank you very much to all of you who have joined and believed in WASAKU.

Juan Antonio Gómez Cardiel, for his amazing photographs illustrating our messages, and for sharing with us your vision and experiences of Japan through your camera lens.

Ines Alcaide, for her translations (English-Spanish), always looking for the most suitable description to understand the creativity of our artists.

Innan and Immi Sasaki, for their translations (English – Japanese). Your help has been essential in order to connect with our beloved Japan, thanks for your advice and kindness.

Thanks also to all our friends and professionals from Japan for their advice and interest in our project: Mineko Hara, Hisashi Katsuya (Katchaman), Tsutomu Kodama (Kodaman), Carla, and Yukari Hirata Keiko Mutoh (Namikawa Cloisonne Museum of Kyoto), Masami Tokudome,Moroyama Masanori (MOMAT),  Takako Tonkin,  Miki Katayama and Takeshi Yamamoto.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration!