WASAKU Projects

WASAKU believes in the exchange between people, whether individuals, companies or institutions. In a global world there are global opportunities.

WASAKU projects are born from the synergy between the artist’s personal concerns and the international vision of a local entrepreneur, passing through the support of institutions and larger companies committed to innovative projects whose common element is CREATIVITY.

If you want to collaborate with us, we look forward to your CONTACT.

WASAKU WEEKEND in Hotel Molina Lario, Málaga, Spain
Starting in  April, 2014, WASAKU WEEKEND will be celebrated 2-3 times a year in the Hotel Molina Lario, located in the historic centre of Málaga. The programme will offer exhibitions of artworks of WASAKU artists, workshops and presentations on Japanese culture. For latest news, please check events on our Facebook page or sign up for membership in our Club WASAKU.

Club WASAKU As a member of Club WASAKU, we will keep you informed about events, exhibitions and other relevant news from WASAKU directly to your email address. Our aim is to form an active group of members with interest in Japan and promote both cultural and commercial collaborations. Membership is free of charge. To become a member of Club WASAKU, please contact us at contact@wasaku.org

WASAKU Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

WASAKU understands art as a global concept, which relates the cultural scope also with tourism, gastronomy, business and technology.

WASAKU connects the areas of corporate social responsibility of companies, and public/private institutions, to generate business starting from the cultural field and extending to these other sectors.


WASAKU Alliances

Collaborations between trademarks and individual artists and craftsmen are increasingly common these days.

WASAKU Alliances offers commercial brands new opportunities and inspiration, collaborating with our artists and enjoying their dedication and the quality and sustainability of their work.

WASAKU Alliances promotes new pathways for experimentation and creativity, linking tradition and modernity with other fields of artistic expression.


WASAKU Education

WASAKU wants to further connect the general public as well as the art market with Japanese art and craftsmanship by creating workshops and international seminars. We are especially interested in collaborations between universities and Japanese-Spanish-Latin American art centres.