WASAKU Partners

WASAKU invites companies, public and private institutions and individuals to participate in our projects.

Our primary objective is the promotion of Japanese art, culture and traditions and we believe in the benefits of collaboration. Do not hesitate to CONTACT us.


As the WASAKU community is starting to grow, we present our partners:

Hotel Molina Lario in Málaga, Spain. WASAKU is collaborating with this 4 star hotel right in the historic centre of Malaga as a great venue for exhibitions with WASAKU artists and events (workshops, presentations) enjoying the Japanese culture. www.hotelmolinalario.com

Rubén Delgado – Graphic designer, resident in Tokyo, Japan

Takeishi Kamimura – International relations, resident in Miyazaki, Japan

Kenji Miura – Photographer, resident in Tokyo, Japan. www.miurakenji.com

Ernesto Jiménez – Graphic designer, resident in Málaga, Spain. www.ernestojimenez.net



WASAKU wants you to form part of us and here we offer various links, whose content and information make up our KNOWLEDGE NETWORK. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

MOMAK, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto: The collection gallery of MOMAK exhibits a great selection of Japanese style painting, prints and crafts.


MOMAT, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Crafts Gallery): The Crafts Gallery of the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo houses a great collection of Japanese craft and design, a great source of inspiration and learning for WASAKU.


Namikawa Cloisonné Museum of Kyoto: Founded by the cloisonné master Namikawa, this small and exquisite museum is located in a beautiful traditional house and dedicated to the art and technique of cloisonné.


Japan Traditional Crafts, Aoyama Square: This association, with its Tokyo downtown gallery, serve to present and promote the rich variety of Japan’s traditional crafts. It is supported by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).