WASAKU goes live!

WASAKU goes live!

We have been thinking about how we should start our first post here on WASAKU and as we have so many things to say, what could be better than starting from the beginning. 

The beginning is to share with you what is the the heart and origin of WASAKU. The answer is our passion for Japan and for all which we consider special and unique in a culture so far away, but yet feeling so close.

We are linked to Japan through personal and professional ties, and our studies of – and experience with – the Japanese language, culture, Japanese arts and crafts have made us want to share what we have learnt – and what we like – with a wider audience.

We want to tell stories; stories about our artists, their work, their inspiration, the places where they live and ultimately everything that surrounds the artistic creation. We explore what our artists want to express in their works, getting to know them little by little in order to understand their art, and then share it with our audience, you.

In our understanding that art is a global concept, we also want to share with you our preferences in Japanese design, cuisine and tourism.

Our vision is authenticity, where you feel the connection with the artist, designer or producer and his/her works.

In WASAKU Front Row, we highlight two artists during a period of two months, focusing our news and posts on their works, techniques and on getting to know their art space.

All WASAKU artists will have their time in WASAKU Front Row and we look forward to sharing their stories and works with you, offering you to bring to your home an authentic piece of Japan.

Welcome to WASAKU!