The event DecorAccion 2013 was held in the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid from 19 to September 23 and WASAKU visited to talk about our project and meet artisans, interior designers and landscape artists.

The event consisted of various activities such as; antique market, Pop up Deco, design canton, streets and storefront installations and the creation of the seven micro restaurants in the space DECOMER, decorated by renowned interior designers.


We enjoyed the Deco Pop up with companies like L’atelier mosaicist offering beautiful hydraulic floor tiles with designs from the past, so fashionable today. We also enjoyed Decologie with Manuel Calderón, who explained his work on paper with his “Lolita is Dead”, a reinvented Lolita icon with heart shaped glasses (that looked like the protagonist in the film by Stanley Kubrick) and with a very much alive skeleton hiding under the kimono.


Our most appreciated discovery was Paco Orti – architect, ceramist, and photographer, whose pieces caught our particular attention both for his use of materials, combination of colours, shapes and textures as well as the presentation.  We were reminded of the sea, the beach, shells. We are very happy to have met Orti with whom, with his sense of aesthetics and Japanese feeling, we hope to be able to collaborate.

WASAKU understands art as a global concept in which the works of our artists move in different territories, adapting in line with the concepts of utility, everyday beauty and creative expression. Here lies our great appreciation for Japanese art and our wish to blend within the territories of art, design, interior design, landscape design and gastronomy.