First Spanish WASAKU artist presents his “Plates for Sushi”

With a fondness for Japanese culture and aesthetics, Paco Orti decided to design his own plate for sushi. His work “Plates for Sushi” was ArtFad Award Finalist (Annual Art and Contemporary Craft), 2013.


Here, he explains his thoughts around this work:

The Japanese gastronomy really should be understood as a complete experience involving all the senses, not just taste. The aesthetic component is essential in it and the presentation of the dishes is as important as the quality of the food.

So, when developing these dishes the main characteristics of Japanese cuisine have been taken into account such as simplicity, delicacy , refinement, etc. And, in designing the plate he has sought to express the relevant values of the culture of the rising sun. The materiality and finish of the plates invite to caress their surface, as the touch of the white baked clay is particularly soft and pleasant. The rounded, smooth design adapts to the palm of the hand. These forms are reminiscent of rounded stones (or boulders) from the beach, eroded over time.


Each dish is different from the other, no two are alike. But, all respond and follow the same rules: almost flat plates with curved and rounded shapes, eroded. Each piece has been glazed with a single spot in the area where it is absolutely essential, i.e. only in those areas in which there is contact with the food (piece of sushi).

Thus, the brightness of the glaze contrasts with the matte finish and the natural touch of the baked clay. Each course is designed to serve a few units of sushi. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use several plates simultaneously. In this way the table can be prepared with interesting compositions by combining the dishes.