Bio: Paco ORTI

Paco Orti is trained as an architect and graduated from the Advanced School of Architecture of Valencia (ETSAV) in 2009, where he was recognised with honours for his dissertation. With a passion for the creative process, design, sculpture , photography and painting, Orti decided in late 2012 to quit his job as an architect to pursue his artistic career, especially in ceramics.

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Being an artist, he says, I use architecture as the filter through which I see (and understand) life.

Orti now lives and works in a small town in the province of Valencia just by the Mediterranean Sea. About his surroundings, the artist comments: The Mediterranean Sea is my life, my habitat. I need the liveliness and intensity of the light here, its shadows and its changing forms.

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The need and desire to work with his hands has been a crucial element when deciding on becoming an artist. I started working with ceramics because I felt the need to work with my hands, to express and materialize my restlessness and concerns. In the future I might work with other materials such as wood or glass. I have always been attracted by the beauty of natural and/or traditional materials. Therefore, I work with these materials in a contemporary way. In ceramics, currently I am interested in the textures, their expressiveness, and the character given to each piece. What attracts me with the clay is its expressive possibilities, its plasticity. My main sources of inspiration would be the Mediterranean Sea and its light: marine shapes; the boulders; the reflections and sparkles of light on the surface of the sea; the vivacity and intensity of the Mediterranean light.

I always believed in the ability of objects to convey emotion, to tell stories, to speak. My objects define me, talk about me.


We invite you to enjoy the creations of Paco Orti, a Mediterranean and Spanish artistic outlook with a clear Japanese influence.



1984 Born in Valencia

2009 Graduated as an architect from the Advanced School of Architecture of Valencia (ETSAV)

2009-2012 Study and work as architect with Silvestre Navarro Architects, awarded by ETSA Exhibition of Young Architects , Valencia .

2012 Advanced Studies Diploma .

Since late 2012 dedicated to artistic production. His work “A jug for the XXI Century” was published in the International Ceramics Magazine.

2013 His work SEEDlight enters Boisbuchet collection. ARTFAD Award Finalist, Annual Art and Contemporary Craft with his works “A jug for the XXI Century” and “Plates for Sushi”

Paco Orti lives in a village near the sea in the province of Valencia.