WASAKU is a composition of the kanji Wa -? (Japanese style) and Saku -??to bloom) expressing our intention to make the beauty of Japanese art and crafts bloom also outside Japan, and be enjoyed by a wider audience, without losing the contact with the local artists, their roots and authenticity.

WASAKU understands art as a global concept.

We are particularly interested not only in the cultural sphere, but also in tourism, gastronomy, business and technology, involved in the creative process.

WASAKU aims to create synergies that affect both artistic and cultural and commercial-business relations internationally.

We create bridges between artists in Japan and the rest of the world; artists influenced by the essence of Japanese aesthetics, looking for the ? inside our artists.

Who are we?

We are a group of professionals united by our passion for Japan.

Andrea Tegstam

Andrea has lived 10 years in Tokyo, working for multinationals and studying Japanese. After a few years in Spain, she is now living outside San Francisco, CA, USA. Andrea has always had a keen interest in traditional Japanese culture. She brings significant experience on culture, language and business in Japan.

Carlos Francisco López Abadín

An attorney specialised in intellectual property and art law. Carlos has a legal and artistic training, with a strong background in art branding, strategic planning and management of image rights and intellectual property. He brings knowledge, experience and passion for Japan.