WASAKU SUMMA International Contemporary Art Fair

SUMMA Art Fair is an international contemporary art fair focused on new media, technology and photography. The fair was, just like Apertura, held September 19-22 and had different programs: The “General Program” dedicated to established artists from international galleries, “Up” – devoted to young emerging art galleries with pioneer contemporary artists, “MadridFoto – a photo section, “Uneasy Pleasure” with video creations, and “Transversal” and “Emerging Transversal”.


During the fair, various activities were held such as workshops, presentations, performances, children’s workshops and cooking sessions conducted by renowned Spanish chefs.

Among the artists who we found very interesting were Chilean artist Francisca Valdivieso (http://www.franciscavaldivieso.com) represented by the Gallery Cecilia Brunson, whose porcelain work of extraordinary quality and with great themes stood out and also the Portuguese artist Catarina Saravia (http://catarinasaraiva.com) with textile works from her project “reflection (im) possíves”.

Next to SUMMA in the space called Abierto x obras en Matadero (Matadero is the venue for SUMMA) we enjoyed the installation called “Cenotes” by the artists Magdalena Atria creating fascinating artwork using play dough.


WASAKU visited SUMMA in our quest for artistic discoveries and promotion of our artists.



Madrid celebrated the art event Apertura from 19 to 22 September. This event is held annually to coincide with the start of the art season. 50 contemporary art galleries simultaneously inaugurated their exhibitions and expanded their schedules for the public to enjoy contemporary art.

Organized by the Association Arte_Madrid, Apertura is an event in which artists, curators, and art market professionals gather in the capital of Spain.

There were different guided “art walks” available to visit the galleries and on Saturday morning many galleries were serving brunch, allowing the general public and professionals to share the same space for mutual understanding and to enjoy the art exhibited.


WASAKU did not miss this opportunity and participated in various Apertura activities, joining gallery walks and discovering interesting exhibitions. For example, the artist Alicia Framis in the gallery Juana de Aizpuru surprised us with her “Screaming Room” (2012 – 2013 ), a room where you walk in, scream and your recorded scream is printed by a 3D printer taking the shape of a tea cup. As each person has a unique scream, therefore each cup is unique and could be taken home by the visitor. This work , according to Framis herself, “was created for an office of an important bank in Holland. The workers of this bank could go in to this room to let off some steam.”

In the gallery Astarté, thanks to its director Marisa Fernández-Cid, we had the opportunity to see the work of Maria Oriza, ceramics linking architecture, sculpture and painting. The complexity and simplicity of Oriza’s works reminded us of the essence of Japanese art .

Our visit to the Roman Ondak exhibition in the Crystal Palace and Cildo Meireles at the Palacio de Velázquez was guided in a fantastic way by Joao Fernandes, deputy director of the Reina Sofia Museum. His comments were full of details, anecdotes and explanations of the artistic perspective of the exhibitions and we spent an unforgettable time, especially with the discovery of the conceptual universe of Meireles Cildo, whose critical attitude made us reflect before each of his works.


Finally we attended the interesting happening “Every word is a form of time” organized by Kreëmart + Absolut Vodka and held in the Fundación Lázaro Galdiano with Cuban artist Glenda Léon and chef Paco Roncero, a perfect marriage between art, food and fun where we could literally eat part of the artwork and take works home.

WASAKU experienced firsthand all the artistic offers and was able to network with artists and gallery owners, and we highly recommend Apertura as an essential event in Madrid at the beginning of the art season.



The event DecorAccion 2013 was held in the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid from 19 to September 23 and WASAKU visited to talk about our project and meet artisans, interior designers and landscape artists.

The event consisted of various activities such as; antique market, Pop up Deco, design canton, streets and storefront installations and the creation of the seven micro restaurants in the space DECOMER, decorated by renowned interior designers.


We enjoyed the Deco Pop up with companies like L’atelier mosaicist offering beautiful hydraulic floor tiles with designs from the past, so fashionable today. We also enjoyed Decologie with Manuel Calderón, who explained his work on paper with his “Lolita is Dead”, a reinvented Lolita icon with heart shaped glasses (that looked like the protagonist in the film by Stanley Kubrick) and with a very much alive skeleton hiding under the kimono.


Our most appreciated discovery was Paco Orti – architect, ceramist, and photographer, whose pieces caught our particular attention both for his use of materials, combination of colours, shapes and textures as well as the presentation.  We were reminded of the sea, the beach, shells. We are very happy to have met Orti with whom, with his sense of aesthetics and Japanese feeling, we hope to be able to collaborate.

WASAKU understands art as a global concept in which the works of our artists move in different territories, adapting in line with the concepts of utility, everyday beauty and creative expression. Here lies our great appreciation for Japanese art and our wish to blend within the territories of art, design, interior design, landscape design and gastronomy.


WASAKU visiting DecorAccion 2013

WASAKU will be visiting DecorAccion 2013 this weekend. WASAKU DESIGN as designer brand will connect with Product Design Madrid.

We look for designers who wish to collaborate with our artists and be promoted in Japan. We want to share and create stories and will tell you our experiences.




This weekend WASAKU will be visiting APERTURA 2013 in Madrid. Organised by ARTE_MADRID Association of Art Galleries, APERTURA is a great event connecting around 50 contemporary art galleries around Madrid and offering a range of activies at museums and art centres.

APERTURA broadens Madrid’s cultural offer along the lines of the Berlin or New York Gallery Weekends. We look forward to reporting on our experiences in promoting our established and emerging artists!


WASAKU Front Row – Keiko Tateishi

WASAKU Front Row artist Keiko Tateishi just came back from South Korea where she participated in an art exhange exhibition between Japan’s Shiga prefecture and Gangwon Michie Ling City in South Korea. From Japan, 11 artists – representing glass, ceramics, textile, stencil dyeing, jewelry and photography – travelled to participate and from South Korea 27 artists joined.

Tateishi gave the opening speech and expressed her feeling for the beauty of artistic expression and how meaningful exchanges through art can be for cultural understanding. WASAKU is working to build similar bridges between Japanese and Spanish/European artists. We congratulate Tateishi on her successful trip! Here we share with you some photos from the venue.


WASAKU thanks…

WASAKU wants to thank the enthusiasm, support and energy provided by a number of friends, professionals, and family, without whom it would not have been possible to realize this project. We hope we are not forgetting anyone and apologize if that should be the case. Thank you very much to all of you who have joined and believed in WASAKU.

Juan Antonio Gómez Cardiel, for his amazing photographs illustrating our messages, and for sharing with us your vision and experiences of Japan through your camera lens.

Ines Alcaide, for her translations (English-Spanish), always looking for the most suitable description to understand the creativity of our artists.

Innan and Immi Sasaki, for their translations (English – Japanese). Your help has been essential in order to connect with our beloved Japan, thanks for your advice and kindness.

Thanks also to all our friends and professionals from Japan for their advice and interest in our project: Mineko Hara, Hisashi Katsuya (Katchaman), Tsutomu Kodama (Kodaman), Carla, and Yukari Hirata Keiko Mutoh (Namikawa Cloisonne Museum of Kyoto), Masami Tokudome,Moroyama Masanori (MOMAT),  Takako Tonkin,  Miki Katayama and Takeshi Yamamoto.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration!

WASAKU goes live!

WASAKU goes live!

We have been thinking about how we should start our first post here on WASAKU and as we have so many things to say, what could be better than starting from the beginning. 

The beginning is to share with you what is the the heart and origin of WASAKU. The answer is our passion for Japan and for all which we consider special and unique in a culture so far away, but yet feeling so close.

We are linked to Japan through personal and professional ties, and our studies of – and experience with – the Japanese language, culture, Japanese arts and crafts have made us want to share what we have learnt – and what we like – with a wider audience.

We want to tell stories; stories about our artists, their work, their inspiration, the places where they live and ultimately everything that surrounds the artistic creation. We explore what our artists want to express in their works, getting to know them little by little in order to understand their art, and then share it with our audience, you.

In our understanding that art is a global concept, we also want to share with you our preferences in Japanese design, cuisine and tourism.

Our vision is authenticity, where you feel the connection with the artist, designer or producer and his/her works.

In WASAKU Front Row, we highlight two artists during a period of two months, focusing our news and posts on their works, techniques and on getting to know their art space.

All WASAKU artists will have their time in WASAKU Front Row and we look forward to sharing their stories and works with you, offering you to bring to your home an authentic piece of Japan.

Welcome to WASAKU!